A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools

The Little Guide for Teachers series is little in size but BIG on all the support and inspiration you need to navigate your day to day life as a teacher.
  • Authored by experts in the field
  • Easy to dip in-and-out of
  • Interactive activities encourage you to write into the book and make it your own
  • Fun engaging illustrations throughout
  • Read in an afternoon or take as long as you like with it!

The Future of Teaching

The Future of Teaching book cover

The Chartered College of Teaching has collated articles and reflections by its members and published them in one book looking at the future of teaching. Across five sections, teachers share their insights to benefit colleagues across the profession on the following:

  • The purpose and vision of education
  • Connecting and expanding learning
  • Online and digital learning
  • Building learning independence
  • Professional learning for the 21st century

The Headteachers' Handbook

The Headteacher's Handbook book cover

Written by a headteacher with over 14 years’ experience at the helm, The Headteacher’s Handbook is the indispensable manual to understanding the role as both an instructional coach and community leader. With a kind and compassionate tone, Rae Snape presents invaluable advice, models, research, motivational quotes and self-reflection questions on a wealth of topics.


Teaching WalkThrus 2

In the groundbreaking and best-selling Teaching WalkThrus Volume 1, Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli produced a brilliantly concise and accessible repository to 50 essential teaching techniques.

In this follow-up second volume, Tom and Oliver team up with 10 experienced educators to present 50 brand new WalkThrus, covering all the key areas of teaching: behaviour and relationships; curriculum planning; explaining and modelling; questioning and feedback; practice and retrieval; and Mode B teaching.

Alex Quigley, Martin Robinson, Claire Stoneman, Bennie Kara, Zoe Enser, Mark Enser, John Tomsett, Simon Breakspear, Bronwyn Ryrie Jones and Oliver Lovell bring a huge wealth of expertise as they help to further expand and elaborate this essential teaching manual.

As always, each technique is concisely explained and beautifully illustrated in five short steps, to make sense of complex ideas and support student learning.


What They Didn’t Teach Me on My PGCE

By Sarah Mullin

Teacher training programmes are incredibly valuable, yet there is a limit to what can be taught in a short amount of time. Teachers are always learning and always growing as professionals. What They Didn’t Teach Me on My PGCE captures the voices of over 200 educators who share their heartfelt advice, top tips, honest reflections, disastrous experiences and laugh-out-loud anecdotes about early career teaching. This is not an instruction manual, as all teaching is complex and situational; rather we invite you to ‘dip in and out’ of each chapter as you navigate the recurring themes, patterns and paradoxes. We hope you will be inspired, uplifted, amused and engaged as you reflect on these experiences, comparing them with your own, and celebrate being a member of the teaching profession.



Diverse Educators: The Manifesto

Diverse Educators: A Manifesto book cover

Our book will be published by the University of Buckingham Press in April 2022. We are excited to be working with 10 chapter editors and 100 contributors on this writing project.

The Diverse Educators’ book will be structured, like our website, around the Equalities Act. There will be ten chapters, one for each of the nine Protected Characteristics (Age; Disability; Gender Reassignment; Pregnancy and Maternity; Marriage and Civil Partnership; Race; Religion and Belief; Sex; Sexual Orientation) with a tenth chapter exploring intersectionality.


Teaching WalkThrus 3

WalkThrus 3 book cover

Following the break-out success of Teaching WalkThrus Volume 1 (2020) and Volume 2 (2021), Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli present the third instalment of their five-step instructional coaching techniques. Volume 3 features 50 more essential teaching methods in the authors’ concise and accessible format, covering all the key areas of teaching: behaviour and relationships; curriculum planning; explaining and modelling; questioning and feedback; practice and retrieval; and Mode B teaching.



Meet the pioneers

5 people championing greater diversity in the books young people read. From education to art, campaigning to children’s books, they’re leading the fight to ensure young people from all backgrounds have the chance to see themselves in books.

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Diversity cannot be a curriculum bolt-on

Educators from all backgrounds and contexts have been asking for guidance on curriculum reform in the light of recent events. Bennie Kara sets out some key principles

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Podcast: Diversity cannot be a curriculum bolt-on

In our third episode, Pam is joined by Bennie Kara to discuss diversity and a diverse curriculum in education, the concept of ‘usualising’ diversity in the curriculum and paralleling texts and non-fiction to complement narratives.


Derby teacher pens a little book with a big message

The deputy headteacher at one of Derby’s most multicultural schools is passing on her experience to other teachers after writing a book to encourage diversity in lessons.

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Penguin PR: Diversity Articles

Penguin PR is a Public Relations Agency serving Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands. Run by award winning journalists we’ll get headlines in newspapers, on Social media, online and radio and TV news.

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