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Diversity in Schools book cover

A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools

The Little Guide for Teachers series is little in size but BIG on all the support and inspiration you need to navigate your day to day life as a teacher.

Diverse Educators: A Manifesto

Diverse Educators: A Manifesto

Structured around the Equality Act and written collaboratively, Diverse Educators: A Manifesto aims to capture the collective voice of the teaching community and to showcase the diverse lived experiences of educators.


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The Headteachers Handbook book cover

The Headteacher's Handbook

This must-read guide to being a primary headteacher is filled with practical guidance, tips and advice on all aspects of headship to support and inspire new, current and aspiring headteachers.

What They Didnt Teach Me on My PGCE book cover

What They Didn’t Teach Me on My PGCE

Teacher training programmes are incredibly valuable, yet there is a limit to what can be taught in a short amount of time. Teachers are always learning and always growing as professionals.

The Edu-Book Club book cover

The Edu-Book Club

Educational books can help teachers engage in quality CPD (Continuing / Continuous Professional Development), but how do we find the time to read the latest literature?

Pride and Progress book cover

Pride and Progress

Pride & Progress began as a podcast created to amplify the voices of LGBT+ educators and allies.

Teaching Walkthrus 2 book cover

Teaching WalkThrus 2

In the groundbreaking and best-selling Teaching WalkThrus Volume 1, Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli produced a brilliantly concise and accessible repository to 50 essential teaching techniques.

Teaching Walkthrus 3

Teaching WalkThrus 3

Following the break-out success of Teaching WalkThrus Volume 1 (2020) and Volume 2 (2021), Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli present the third instalment of their five-step instructional coaching techniques.

The Future of Teaching book cover

The Future of Teaching

The Chartered College of Teaching has collated articles and reflections by its members and published them in one book looking at the future of teaching.